Ocean Blue Omega-3 Mini Caps Keeps You Healthy

The average Americans diet is very rich in Omega-6 and supplementation is seldom needed. On the other hand, American's don't eat anywhere near enough Omega-3 and, therefore, most of us are deficient of this essential nutrient. Both are vital for staying healthy.

Ocean Blue Omega-3 Mini Caps help with that deficiency. These over-the-counter mini-caps are much smaller then normal fish oil capsules which make them much easier to swallow. A third of the size in fact. Super concentrated these mini caps are 75% in less fat than the average fish oil capsule. Plus with its natural orange flavor it has a much better taste and no smelly fish aftertastes to them.

Ocean Blue 2100 Omega-3 provides the highest level and over 90% purity of Omega-3 available without a prescription. Available in a 30 pack with or without Vitamin D included and made in the USA these capsules are different from any store bought dietary supplement. They are less expensive and provide better patient compliance by nearly eliminating all the unpleasant side effects associated with "fish oils" that are HIGH in fat content.

Plus if you purchase either of these mini-caps on the Penetran website - Penetran.com before March 31st they can get shipped to your door for free. So don't wait and stay healthy now!