Penetran+Plus 2.5 oz

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Penetran+Plus 2.5 Ounce Tube

Penetran+Plus is a doctor recommended arthritis pain relief lotion. Treatment is simple. To use the arthritis pain remedy of Penetran+Plus, simply rub some of our pain-fighting lotion on the affected area. Penetrans one-of-a-kind formula allows the ingredients to begin soothing sore muscles after exercising, sports injuries and other muscle aches nearly instantaneously. Similar results can be expected when used to fight tendinitis and the itch of bug bites. Treatment for more serious afflictions should include a doctors consultation.

Based on the proven Penetran formula, Penetran+Plus has added MSM, natural lemon and proprietary TDS® ingredients for enhanced penetration and fast action. 2.5 ounce tube with an easy-to-use flip top cap.

Penetran+Plus was proven effective in clinical trials with over 70% of patient volunteers reporting some relief and over 50% reporting significant pain relief from arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis - in 10-20 minutes.

The most important result of using Penetran Plus is the almost immediate pain and muscle cramp relief. Penetran Plus has been such a help since I learned of it 6-7 years ago that I buy it in professional sized bottles while sending sample packs to all my friends who could benefit from pain control or circulation problems in the subcutaneous or muscular regions under which Penetran Plus can be applied. I highly recommend it to anyone with similar pain, bruising, etc. Click here to view Roberts letter  
Robert Harper
Jupiter, FL
January 2011 

On a beautiful day here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I had a bright idea to get some mountain air and a little exercise to boot!  After walking for a mile, I began to jog on a paved country road.  On the way home, my good knee began to sting and swell; well, for the next three days I was bedridden with a bruised meniscus.  Well, I started out with Ben Gay and Icy Treatment which did not give much pain relief and smelled so bad my husband had to sleep in the guest room.  Nothing seemed to help the pain.  Going through the medicine cabinet I found this small sample packet of Penetran Plus.  What the heck, I tried it. pain, and a pleasant smell. When the sample pack began to get low, I got frantic and called several drug help...then I called the company directly and they told me where to buy it!  I will NEVER be without Penetran Plus!!!!!!!! Lesson..don't job on pavement, even when you THINK you are 40 but actually 59!  
Barbara H.
Marion, VA
December 2010 

My husband is 69 years old and suffered a massive stroke 4 years ago.  He has severe residual (and constant) pain in his back, sides, ribs, left arm and leg and foot and is very debilitated from this pain. He is on several very strong pain medicines which (of course) keep him in a state of sleepiness.  His litany of doctors can do no more than prescribe pain medications. I have spent (literally) thousands of dollars on different topical analgesics including Genacol and every other OTC preparation on the market.  I don't even recall where I purchased the first tube of Penetran+Plus. But in a desperate attempt to relieve a new and persistent pain recently, I found (in my home pharmacy of analgesics) the tube of Penetran.  I applied this cream to the affected area and almost instantly his pain was relieved.  I believe it is the MSM, my research shows MSM to be an excellent product for stroke victims. I have found that my husband is more alert recently and he has commented on his newfound pain relief. My thanks to you for this product. 
Carolyn H.
March 2010

My wife purchased penetran plus at a local pharmacy for my leg cramps, like most people I had tried many topical creams for pain and never had any relief until I used Penetran Plus.  This is the only product I have ever used that I can honestly say works for me. Within minutes the leg cramps subsided.  I also suffer with osteoarthritis in both knees, and its Penetran to the rescue when pain is unbearable.  Thank You Penetran for a great product! 
Mike M.
Pueblo, CO 
February 2010

I have back pain and a torn cartilage in my knee and this relieves the pain in minutes. It smells good and is not greasy.I really love this product. I gave some Penetran Plus to one of my friends with arthritis and she said it works great. I highly recommend this product!
Laurie W.
Sanborn, NY
January 2010

My name is Sebastian and we live in New Jersey. After over 20 years of arthritis pain, we've tried everything and finally found real relief with Penetran+Plus.


My name is Viola. Last year, a friend couldn't golf because of a bad knee. A local pharmacist suggested she try PENETRAN, she did, and was golfing in 2 DAYS.


My wife Nancy came down with a case of the Shingles in August, 2007.   It was limited to her right arm and lasted 2 to 3 weeks.  The real problem is that after the Shingles went away, she was left with Post Herpetic Neuralgia (nerve pain).

She has been attended by several doctors, including the “Hershey Medical Center”, Penn State Univ.  She has taken several medications (Neuronton, Lyrica, Cymbalta etc.) including narcotics and has also utilized a TENS device.  None of the medical procedures or medications has been able to eliminate the pain.

A few days ago, a friend spoke to a Pharmacist friend and he recommended Penetran+Plus.  (Due to the nature of the problem, if I saw this Arthritis Pain Relief medication on the shelf, I would have passed it by.)  Now, here’s the good news….

We’re talking about a lady that has not been pain free for two years.  The pain varies from barely tolerable to intense.  Yesterday, she applied Penetran+Plus to the painful area on her arm and within 10 minutes the pain (with the exception of a few mild spikes) was gone…..GONE!  This over the counter, relatively inexpensive medication accomplished what other medications and teams of doctors could not.

Needless to say, we’re recommending Penetran+Plus to all our friends and one of the local health care product stores.

Thank you Penetran Products+Plus.

Bill W.
Hanover, MA
March 2009


I have been fighting arthritis and knee problems for 25 years now.  I have had two knee operations and take daily medication for arthritis pain which still doesn’t relieve all the pain.  I use Penetran+Plus now and have seen a marked difference in the way I feel.

Normally after I sit or stand for a period of time I have to loosen up my knees to avoid the pain before walking.  That time has been shortened or eliminated in many cases thanks to Penetran+Plus.  I look forward to this golf season and benefits of this product allowing me to enjoy my favorite sport more.

Randy B.
June 2009


I have suffered from neck and upper back pain for several years and have tried every pain relief product on the market.  Without question, Penetran+Plus has been the most effective product I have used making it possible for me to play golf again pain free.

Mike C.
Naples, FL
February 2009


I bought your wonderful Penetran+Plus pain relief lotion yesterday.  After its use last night, I awakened this morning with none of my usual arm arthritis attention-grabbing punishment.  Thanks to your company I shall be ever grateful for this incredible pain relieving gift.

Most sincerely and with great appreciation!

Mary Ann
February 2009


I am writing this letter to bring to your attention how Penetran+plus has changed my level of activity.  I was experiencing post-surgery shoulder pain and arthritis pain in both of my legs and back.  I was miserable until my wife happened to find Penetran+Plus.  I did the regime of medications and I exhausted the OTC creams and ointments, none of which provided any considerable relief.  I had immediate relief after using your product.  I had enough relief that I stopped using Voltaren.

When I went to my routine chiropractic appointment, the doctor was surprised to see I had a significant decrease in discomfort.  I shared my secret with him and today he has Penetran+Plus  displayed in his office as an option for other clients.

My daughter had back surgery one year ago; Penetran+Plus was able to help her with any residual pain.  My wife and I spread the news of our new found secret to our friends who are also in their “golden years”.  We have told so many people about your product. 

I am writing this letter to affirm how effective Penetran+Plus really is, and how it has helped my family, my friends and me.  Thank you again for a great pain-relieving product.

Sincere thanks,
Harvey G.
Mountain Top, PA
March 2009